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Property Developer London South East



W1 Homes - Developing Beautiful Properties In London And The South East



We are a property development company producing modern, luxurious homes at affordable prices.

A high-end home doesn’t have to come at an exclusive price. We focus on bringing the cost of properties down, while providing uncompromised quality, cutting-edge design and integrated technological features for enjoyable living.


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We Are Developing Properties For today's generation of buyers - We Believe That Beautiful Homes Should Be Affordable And Innovative.
Property Developer in London and South East first time buyers

As a property developer in London and the South East, our vision is always to provide homes for today's  buyers whether first time, second steppers or families.

We develop homes that they will be proud of with beautifully crafted features and build quality backed by our certified professional construction teams.








How We Develop




Expert planning for Property Development in London and South East

innovative design for Property Development in London and South East

functional Property Developer in London and South East


Expert Planning

We use award-winning architects and leading interior designers to create the perfect space.

We focus on maximising the space we have to produce the most high-spec property possible through utilising the full envelope of every property.

Everything is anticipated beforehand, from the ambience upon entering a room, the correct lighting and colour scheme used, to the convenience and ease of use, to the sustainability and high quality of materials used during development.

Innovative Design

As a property developer in London and the South East, we use unparalleled innovative design methods to suit modern or classic styles of interior design.

We only use experts to develop our properties, and integrate all aspects of the design to produce the final stunning effect.

Our colour schemes and design methods enhance the properties’ feel and ambience, and the materials used are always of uncompromised quality with the latest trends.


Functional Development

Bespoke integrated sound and lighting packages are just one example of our attention to detail when it comes to modern functionality.

Integrated modern speakers in the ceiling are connected to all other devices, whether they are remote devices such as phones or tablets, or more stationary features such as televisions or desktop computers.

Our developments are different to standard builds. Feel free to get in touch with our sales team if you are looking for a modern, high-end property at an affordable price.




unique property developer for first time buyers in London and the south east

 Bedroom Property Developer in London and South East

 Kitchen Property Developer in London and South East

 Bathroom Property Developer in London and South East




Unique Property Development In London And The South East

Our focus is always to provide luxury homes at affordable prices for first time buyers and experienced property owners.

We provide a personal touch with every property we develop. We work with leading interior designers who are up to date with the latest trends, styles and designs, both contemporary and classic.

We provide people with what they want, and ensure a property’s theme and styling is consistent throughout.

We spend a great deal of time to not only make our properties fantastic places to live with high-end functionality, but also to provide the sense of awe that one feels when stepping into a unique and well-designed property and landscaped garden areas.

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Our Emphasis On Affordable Homes For First Time Buyers In London And The South East

W1 Homes was set up with the aim to develop incredible, contemporary affordable homes in London and the South East for first time buyers. 

Our clients are working professionals who are looking for a stylish abode in the some of the country's most desirable locations, such as the capitals bustling cultural hubs or the charm of the South East.

Our goal is to design and develop in these locations that make our buyers feel like they are not just buying a property, they are buying a home.







Property Developer in London and South East 


On Locations

Our property development and land acquisitions take place predominantly in London and the South East of England, although we remain open to special opportunities for development all over the country. If you would like to contact us regarding development opportunities linked to Land. Renovation and Alterations New build homes, Brownfield site redevelopment or commercial opportunities, our property development team is always on call.

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Our Values 

  • Uncompromising quality
  • High-end functionality
  • Leading technology
  • Cutting-edge design methods
  • Luxurious homes
  • Affordable prices


 First Time Buyers Property Developer in London and South East


 Professional Property Developer in London and South East


Experienced Property Developers In London

Our years of experience developing properties to high-specifications mean that we are experts at organising teams to build quality homes in a harmonious way.

We build long-lasting, luxurious homes that come at affordable prices,

Our Developments






We Work with award winning interior designers to develop properties into
Beautiful homes
Interior designers and Property Developer in London and South East